Global Agriculture Market Place
We focus on market optimization
We increase transparency and allow access to relevant information in order to generate and maximize trade in agricultural produce
We use Blockchain to improve traceability and transparency within agriculture value chains
Our Vision:

To improve the global trading mechanism of fresh produce
Our Solution focuses on market optimization - we increase transparency and allow access to relevant information
Doing good while doing well
Decrease world poverty
Mainly in third-world countries which have a large part of their GDP based on agriculture - Caused by unbalanced supply/demand in the markets information

Decrease production loss, waste and CO2 emissions
Caused by sub-optimal planning of production resources
The Need:
  • Traditional and Inefficient mechanism of doing business
  • Seller / Buyers are exposed to limited opportunities in the market
  • Lack of Updated and Reliable Information: regulation, logistics and commercial Information
  • Sub-optimal production planning leads to unbalanced market:

    - High vol. production losses - 52% of Fruits & Vegetables perishes or go to waste

    - Price volatility

Our Solution:
International commercial platform
A meeting place for traders, both Buyers / Sellers.
Aggregate and store
All relevant information needed for doing business
Generate orders
According to the user’s needs, regulatory terms and restrictions
Access to highly valuable business information
Credible Market Info
Our Technology
A variety of Customers and Segments:

  • Every segment will get focused information by its own interests and various and different users
  • The IP of the sytem will be global trade balance, Produce demand and local/global trends, and other business information related to agriculture trade
Zachi Ben-Moshe
Served as CEO of large scale company and VP of strategy & Business Development.
Executive M.A. from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, specializing in Finance.
Ziv Jacoby
Serves as CTO at Shookbook Ltd.
Eyal Jacoby
Serves as CEO of Shookbook Ltd.
B.Sc. in agriculture and plant science from the Hebrew university.
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